Welcome to my Mosaic Life. I’m Dr. Lisa Pursley. When I was about a year old I was Diagnosed with Mosaic Turner’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the last pair of chromosomes in women. God in his sovereignty spared me from many of the effects of Turner’s Syndrome and most people would never know. The only outward effect people would notice is that I am all but 4’9″, or as my husband likes to remind me 4’8 3/4″! I like to think of it as concentrated awesome. Growing up in a tall world I have always struggled to be heard and taken seriously. For some reason people assume a lot of interesting things about you when you are short and look much younger than you are, which at my age I consider a plus. I have many funny stories to share over the course of my 37 years. I never thought of my genetic disorder as a disability until I began my doctorate in Special Education and desired to reach higher in my field as a teacher and a professional. In many ways it has been a disability in the way people view me. I invite you to hear my funny stories growing up, current interventions and treatments in special education, and my comments on the latest news in disability research. Always feel free to ask me questions about anything in the area of education.


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