The Problem of Baby Gammy

Last night I read two articles that really disturbed me. It disturbed me for several reasons and probably not for the same reasons that most people would be. The first article was from the Australian Herald Sun the second was from The story goes like this: An unnamed Australian couple had gone to Thailand to have a surrogate mother (young and from a poor village) “gestate” their baby for them. I am sure due to implanting multiple fertilized eggs, as per IVF procedure; the Thai woman was pregnant with twins. Being “responsible” parents the couple obviously had prenatal tests done on the pregnant woman and learned that one child tested positive for Downs Syndrome. They pressured the woman to abort the child. The articles were not clear as to why but the young Thai woman did not and gave birth to a “healthy” girl and boy with Down Syndrome who is suffering with severe heart   issues as most children born with this syndrome often do. The couple took the baby girl and went back to Australia leaving the boy with the Thai woman to fend for herself. The Australian embassy staff in Bangkok have helped raise money and many angry Australians are donating to help with the surgeries.

What disturbs me about this story is the hypocrisy of the reporting newspapers. They are nothing short of wishing this couple crucified for abandoning this baby boy because he has Down Syndrome. Further more they had the most scathing comments about the couple seeking the abortion of that particular child. Forgive me for going all Matt Walsh but where will the hypocrisy end? As I researched the statistics on the Internet most medical sites agree that 9 out 10 pregnancies that test positive for Down Syndrome are aborted. Let me say it again 9 out of 10 babies with Down Syndrome are murdered inuetero all the time. Where is the outrage for these babies? Don’t get me wrong what this couple did was unconscionable and horrible but they only tried to do what millions of people all over the world do every day. They tried to have the baby aborted when they found out it had Down Syndrome. Why are the newspapers that defend abortion for this very reason everyday so angry with these parents? I’ll tell you why because the baby was born and they could see him for what he was; a human being. It is the great hypocrisy of the pro-abortion movement. All of a sudden when a baby is born or wanted they get all upset but had the baby been aborted not one of them would bat an eye.

I am not ashamed to say that I am very much pro-life and detest the very concept of abortion. It offends me like no other act in the world ever could. I am offended by the media that so carelessly defends it and by those who promote it. In my worldview it is murder and will always be so and you can see how I could feel so strongly about it. But this particular blog is not for that discussion. My issue is the way the media have been so hypocritical about this couple’s actions. They wanted it aborted like 9 out 10 other couples. For whatever reason the “unwanted” baby was “allowed” to be born and they didn’t want it end of story. Why are they being demonized by the very people who would applaud them had they aborted it to be “merciful” and save it from a “difficult” life of disability. This couple like many others couldn’t or weren’t willing to take care of this child with a disability. On what moral ground does the media have to criticize them? Are they any different from other couples who give their children up for adoption because they do not want to or cannot be parents? What makes a parent? Bernard G. Prusak wrote an interesting and thought provoking article I recommend you read entitled: What Are Parents For?: Reproductive Ethics after the Nonidentity Problem. I disagree with much of what he says but it challenges the idea of parental obligation and responsibilities to their children, especially in light of using medical procedures such as IVF and surrogacy. If the media was to be consistent in its worldview it would understand that this couple is no different than millions of others around the world who are not willing to even give birth to a child with a disability but because those children are aborted, and not really “human”, no one cares and they can feel good that it was an act of mercy. There is a war on people with disabilities and it is being promoted and defended by the pro-abortion movement. I am working on a future blog in a few weeks detailing more about this war and where I believe it is headed.